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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Reed's Dedication

Today we had Reed's dedication, but first it was time for Pop Rox to play with Reed for a little while. The dedication was really great, partly because Dr. Mao gave me a new smile, partly because we had friends and family there, and partly because Reed was a perfect angel!

Reed had to play with Aunt Ava's sunglasses for a little while. Isn't he cute?

After playing for a little while, it was time for Reed to get ready and for everyone to come to church. Everyone but me, that it, because I was already at church teaching Sunday School.

Here we are on the stage with Reed. Reed was really quite charming there on stage. He never really made a peep, although I was quietly hoping that he would begin saying "Dada" into the microphone right in front of us.

Everyone loves Reed, even the pastor!

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