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Monday, October 22, 2007

Reed's New Seat

Mommy, Reed, and Lola went to Nana Sprinkle's house today. Lola has been wanting to see their new house. Reed brought his hammer because he had heard that Nana and Putty had been having some trouble with their closets. Reed thought he might be able to lend a hand.

Reed got a present today. My coworker, Ms. Debbie told me that she wanted to get Reed something. I told her that Reed had outgrown his car seat and she wanted to buy it. She even wrapped it.

Reed enjoyed unwrapping the present. He had fun with the paper.

While he was opening the present, he was also a slobber factory. There has got to be a little tooth coming in very soon. because he has really slobbered and been clingy tonight.

It took him a while ...

... But he finally got all of the paper off and was able to see the box his new seat was in. Thanks Ms. Debbie!

Tomorrow, Writer's Conference starts so Abbey and I will be busy this week. Lola is supposed to take pictures so that we will have some things to blog about!
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