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Friday, October 26, 2007

Is This The Cutest Baby Ever?

Our little natural learner was totally impressed by the rain and other things that have been happening in our backyard this week. He's been having a lot of fun with Lola and I think that Lola's been having a lot of fun with him! She's been nice to bring them to see us at conference.

Sometimes, I think it would be so neat to see what he is thinking!

Other times, when you see a face like this, you know exactly what he is thinking! Happiness! This is also the smile that we got when we came home tonight from conference. I've heard people saying that they are not sure what they ever did before their children. I am pretty sure that I understand them!

Last night, Reed was privileged to meet a missionary who served in Taiwan and she spoke Mandarin to him. Tonight, I had dinner with her and was telling her that our guide, Fion, told us while we were in Taiwan when we asked why the Taiwanese people did not adopt any of the Taiwanese babies that it was because they would "prefer to have children biologically."

At first I thought, "Yeah, me too." Now I think, "Thank you God that we couldn't! Thank you God! What a blessing our little baby boy is! He is incredible and we love him so much!"

The tooth continues to "slowly" creep forward. Lola reports that Reed had a pretty happy day!

Reed was showing mommy all of the ergonomic features of his paci. She was most impressed.
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