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Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Baby!

First of all, sorry for all the sideways pics tonight. I don't know why the computer uploaded them sideways, but it did! Sorry!

Reed apparently was very happy today. That is really good. I didn't get home until 6:40 because we are having the National Preschool and Children's Conference at work this week, so there are 800 children's workers coming to conferences. Today, I taught a preteen conference. Mommy and baby were planning on an outing to the Post office, but Enna called me and reminded me that today was Columbus Day. I called Mommy to remind her so she didn't get out for nothing.

I am really excited that Abbey and Reed are coming tomorrow evening to work, so that all of my "out of town" conference friends can meet Reed.

Abbey said that Reed laughed and smiled all day long. That must have been true, because I had to do hardly anything to get him to laugh when I got home. He was so happy. I fed him his supper, gave him his bath, and because mommy was exhausted I even got to put him to bed. Reed is really good at going to sleep at night!

Here's a sideways video for you all to enjoy!

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