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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reed Comes to NPCC

Reed is a hit with the Children's Ministry Professionals of America. Well, at least he is with the ones that come to the National Preschool and Children's Convention.

Reed finally got to meet Mrs. Jan. She has been waiting very patiently to get to meet Reed. She was most impressed by him and enjoyed holding him.

Reed also got to meet Jeff Slaughter, the writer of all of our VBS music.

Of course, Uncle Bill was there and he carried Reed all over the place to meet all of the people in the Cafeteria.

Reed met Mr. Mark who used to work with Daddy until he moved back to Oklahoma.

Daddy had to dress up in a silly Hawaiian costume because he was helping give away door prizes for this year's VBS.

Reed came and went to see the VBS musical, which he LOVED! We stayed to see the comedian who performed after the musical and he as absolutely hilarious. Below are some pictures of Reed dancing to the musical. The kids were really cute.

Sorry, it's still sideways!

1 Month Ago:

Dear Reed,

How could anyone comprehend how I feel about you? One month ago, at almost this very moment you physically entered our lives and we were so happy. For one month we've watched you grow and change. You've changed so much since we've gotten you. We were apprehensive when we first met you: would you like us, would you be able to adjust to us, were you going to miss your foster mother? So many questions ran through our heads. All the time we waited to meet you, all of our questions were answered in one simple moment. That moment when we first laid our eyes on you, you smiled, and reached up your arms toward your mommy and never looked back. You are our gift from God and we love you so much. You are so loved that there is no way possible that you could ever understand. People flock to you and love you. Everyone wants to hold you. We love you. We are so glad to have you.

You are so loved,

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