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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Bill

Uncle Bill came over for supper tonight because it was his birthday. While we were eating, Reed had a lot of fun playing on this little water toy that Aunt Ava gave him

Reed was very impressed by the toy tonight.

We didn't have any candles except for the 2 and 8 candles that Abbey bought me for my birthday this year that never actually made it to a cake. Well, Uncle Bill is not 28, so we decided to take it to the extreme and make it 82.

After supper, Reed ate his green beans which HE just loves! (NOT REALLY!) Then he had some cereal. Next he was in the bathtub when our realtor called and told us we had an offer on our house.

That was exciting since we have not had the house on the market very long and it is not technically a "sellers" market. We are in negotiations right now to get an agreeable offer, but hey, at least we have good interest in the house, right?

Uncle Bill had to wash Reed's hair while I talked to our realtor. Finally, mommy took over and gave Reed his bottle which for some reason I have started calling it a bobble.

Reed had his pictures made today at Mrs. Jodi's studio. We don't have the CD back yet, but oh my goodness, they are wonderful! We can't wait to see them.

Anyway, have a happy birthday Uncle Bill!
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