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Monday, October 29, 2007

Reed Climbs the Stairs

This morning Reed woke up and had a bottle. After a little while, he began thinking that he might need a morning nap. He decided to stretch out on the sofa. He looks pretty comfortable to me.

Once he woke up, he was all smiles for mommy. HE was pretty happy with life today!

Happy, that is, until IT came out!

He was not happy with the evil contraption, but apparently mommy felt it was necessary!

Reed decided that he would take a try at the steps. He figured out how to get up the first step, but couldn't quite figure out the other steps.

Until we were "Skyping" with Enna and boy did he climb then! He climbed all the way up the steps to the second floor!

He was lovin' it!

It was a lot of fun letting Enna talk to Reed on Skype (for those of you who do not have it, it is video phone over the web and it is free. You should get it!). She even got to see him take his bath.

Apparently Reed thought something was wrong with his toy box, because he spent about 10 minutes counting and surveying its contents tonight. First he thought maybe Kobi might have borrowed some of his toys, but we told him that was just not possible.

Then he immediately thought Hannah Claire might have gotten them, but when he remembered that HC's mommy likes to shop, he figured that wasn't the case. Plus, we reminded him that the people in Taiwan had still not sent Hannah Claire's referral. He got really mad and threatened to call the agency!

He thought it might be his new cousin Joshi who took them, but he remembered that she was a baby girl and she couldn't play with "big" kid toys yet.

Then he blamed his girlfriend Raleigh because apparently he is not spending enough time with her in favor of the toys. We won't even go there ...

Finally ... he realized they were there all along!

They were just hiding under the big dump truck!

P.S. Since Reed is getting so good at climbing into things and out of things, he is sleeping in the Pack-n-play tonight because we need to lower the mattress in his bed!
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