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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An International Neighborhood

Reed loves to be outside. That is great, because I get cabin fever really easily and so it is fun to take him outside. When I came home from work, he was taking his nap. I, being the empathetic father that I am, decided to join him.

Mommy went to our favorite flooring place to look at flooring possibilities for our bathrooms in the new house. We were thinking a nice linoleum would be good.

Reed woke up and we decided to head out for some outside time. Reed really liked holding onto our really large planters holding the beautiful mums I bought a few weeks ago at the Farmer's Market.

While we were out there, Reed spotted mommy coming home.

Or wait, was that somebody else?

Whew! It was mommy, but why are there so many different types of flooring. In a move typical of Daddy, Mommy completely changed all our plans while she was at the flooring place.

Now it looks like we'll be going with:

1. Prefinished wood for the living room and our bedroom.
2. Laminate (the same one we have in our kitchen now) for our kitchen and half bath.
3. Ceramic for the the other two bathrooms.

Umm ... Mommy ... we sent you for linoleum. Mommy was careful to bring home the linoleum, but I am not exactly sure why!

While we were out there, Mrs. Jenny and Mia came over. Reed was happy to see Mia.

Can't you see the thrill in his eyes? Our camera is careful to catch the oddest poses while completely missing the cutest smiles. Or, do you think it might be the cameraman?

Our neighbors from a couple of streets over rode by while we were out there. They adopted a little girl from North Korea. She also became pregnant during their long wait for Sara to come home. So now they have two little ones.

Reed was full of funny faces today, but it was fun for him to get to see all of his international neighbors!

Mia and Reed enjoyed picking the grass. I think I am going to get them to "hand mow" my yard next year.

On the house front: both houses passed inspection today, so everything is still moving forward. I am sure that you might have assumed that seeing all of the flooring above!

There is now a "pending" sign on the "For Sale" sign in our yard.
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