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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reed's Cute Little Brown Outfit

Reed must have been having a busy day, because he decided to take a nap in a really weird position today!

I don't know how he ended up laying like that, but somehow he made it without falling off the bed!

Tonight, Reed and Lola came and ate supper with Abbey and her writing team. I didn't get to see him until they got home. Tomorrow night, Reed and Lola are coming to eat supper with my team. It should be fun!

We still have yet to see a tooth, but there has got to be one coming soon! He is slobbering and chewing on everything. It seems like they are going to come in on the side of his mouth, and both sides of his mouth at that.

Despite the pain that he must be in, he is still being fairly happy. He's been a little sick feeling, because he hurts. We just hope that those teeth start poking through really quickly!
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