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Monday, October 15, 2007

Friday Night Lights!

Perhaps it was the crispness that we felt in the air towards the end of last week, or it could have been the simple fact that it was Friday in Fall—whatever it was, Reed was ready for Friday night football! Too bad, we don't know anyone playing or we would have gone to a game. Well, that, and the fact that most games start when Reed is getting ready for bed.

Reed wanted to show his football spirit, so he wore this cute football shirt on Friday.

Even I got into the action this weekend. I know, some of you just choked on your Diet Coke didn't you? Yes, I watched part of the LSU v. UK game, and then a bit of the Georgia v. Vanderbilt game, and hold onto you hats, I even watched Tampa Bay v. Titans! I would have to say watching UK win was quite thrilling, even though I am not really a UK fan. Watching Vanderbilt and the Titans give away their games in the last few minutes was not that thrilling!

On Saturday, Reed enjoyed playing in the living room during the morning. He especially loves his ABC frog that sings the ABCs. He thinks the ABCs are really funny.

He was also interested in figuring out how it worked!

And ... how it tasted!

Isn't he beautiful? His teeth have been hurting him tonight and he has been really tired, so he went to bed early!
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