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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Just Not Fair

Something happened at our house (wait, I am going to get to something in just a second, but Abbey just said, "I ... I ... I like my van!" Yes! I win!) today. This evil item showed up in the doorway between our living room and kitchen and REEDO was not pleased!

Reed does not like the new contraption, but since he has decided to crawl all over creation, mommy felt that it was necessary.

"WHY ... WHY!!! WHY????" Reed wanted to know what this rock of gibraltar-sized obstacle was keeping him from his true love, the kitchen. I have a feeling it is not the kitchen that thrills him so much as the fact that it is somewhere he is not supposed to be.

"I will get you evil barrier! You will NOT conquer me!"

We had supper tonight with the Wright's, Reed got to see Ashlyn and Hannah.

We didn't go to church because I got home late from work. Ashlyn and Hannah just love playing with Reed.

Reed gave Raleigh a sweet little kiss.

We couldn't tell if he was interested in her or if he was just trying to figure out why this pink, wiggly thing was sitting in Daddy's lap!
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