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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sweet Sleep!

I had to go to the dentist to get what I thought was an infected area around my fake tooth checked out! Turns out it was only a piece of food! I came home from the dentist around 2:00.

Reed was asleep in the pack-n-play in our room. I looked at him and thought he looked like he would be more comfortable if he laid down in my arms. Mommy thought that was kind of a silly decision, but I went ahead and made it! Mommy went to buy groceries while we napped. When she came home, I guess we were so cute, she decided to take some pictures of us! Finally, at 4:45 she made us wake up!

Last night I mentioned that Reed was sleeping in the P-n-p because he was getting too tall and I was scared he would fall out! So, tonight, we adjusted the baby bed down to the lowest level and now Reed cannot jump out of it!

He didn't seem to mind it!

But, after a 3 hour nap, what could you really find wrong with the world?

He's been pretty happy since the big nap. He went with me to meet a tradesman at our new house for a bid and then we came home and he ate his baby food. It was yummy! Then daddy worked on some potato soup for supper while mommy put the finishing touches on her "pumpkin" cake for the harvest festival tomorrow night at church. The potato soup was AWFUL! If you were starving, it would suffice, but there would be no other reason to eat it!

Reed and I went to Lowe's to get a set of allen wrenches so that I could adjust Reed's bed down. We went by Krystal on the way home for a couple of burgers for mommy and me. I went there because I LOVE Krystal's apple pies. The problem is that I forget that our Krystal is the most inept one in all of America, right along with the Sonic in a neighboring town they compete for WORST restaurants in America! Needless to say, Krystal was out of apple pies!

Bubber is in his new adjusted height bed! Yippee!
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