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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Reed Gets a Present

Next Sunday, we will dedicate Reed, committing him to the Lord. We are ery excited about his dedication.

Mrs. Beth Bowman and Reed's Great Aunt Sib have been wanting to buy his dedication outfit. However, Reed is going to be wearing his white little outfit from his photos, so BB and AS bought him a cute little winter outfit.

It came in the mail on Thursday and was wrapped in some pretty happening paper.

Tasty too!

It's a cute red gingham with a little dog driving a firetruck.

But wait ... It's reversible and has a Christmas outfit on the other side!

After Reed was done opening his present, he wanted to go outside for some nature time. Reed loves nature time.

He was wearing his cute little weanie dog outfit from Gymboree!

"Mommy, do you know what the scientific name of petunia is?"

"That's alright, I will probably learn it in my advanced science class for infants right?"

"This grass would be prettier if it were green!"

Reed is enjoying the fall weather! He loves to be outside which is great, because we love the weather too!

Coming this week: "First Trip to the Zoo (Okay, Okay, Petsmart!)," and "Friday Night Lights!"
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