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Friday, October 26, 2007

Imagine Cute Picture Here!

At work, I denote where art will be placed on a page by putting it in [[double brackets]], so here goes.

[[Reed smiling at the window]]

There is a really cute picture of Reed standing at the window with a huge smile on his face on our camera.

[[Daddy realizing that he forgot the computer at work.]]

But, I forgot to bring the computer home and therefore could not upload pictures of Reed for all to enjoy.

[[Daddy promising to post pictures tonight. Reed pointing his finger at Daddy in a scolding way.]]

We should get home from Writers' Conference a little earlier tonight and so we will be able to post some pictures.

[[Mommy and Daddy smiling as the alarm goes off this AM]]

We were smiling because for the first time last night REED SLEPT COMPLETELY THROUGH THE NIGHT!

Also, there is a little tooth popping through his bottom gums right up front. I doubt there will be a picture, but we will try!
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