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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Walt and His Shadow

Reed had a wonderful treat today. Walt came over while his mommy and daddy when to their granny's funeral.

Reed loved Walt, and he REALLY loved Walt's cars. Walt was pretty thrilled with Reed's toy selection as well.

Walt kept wondering why Reed was a baby.

Reed and Walt enjoyed playing in Reed's room, but they spent their fair share of time in the family room. Abbey described it as a back-and-forth train between the rooms.

Walt thought Reed's big bottle was really funny!

Walt taught Reed how to stand on his stool. That's good, because until now, we have not been able to get the point of the stool across to Reed.

Walt is an incredibly smart and well-mannered boy! He was so nice to Reed and was a great example for Reed.

I think that it wore both of the boys out, because when I got home from the funeral, they were both snoozing!
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