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Friday, April 11, 2008

Brought to you by the Number 5

I've been tagged. And, honestly, I don't really put a lot on this blog about me, so I thought I'd use this opportunity to share.

**What was I doing 5 years ago?:
This took some thinking! If I recall correctly, we were living in Brandon, MS, and I was teaching 10th grade English at Clinton High School. Jeff was working at McRae's, and we thought we had busy life! (Little did I know what busy was...)

**Five things on my to do list today (or things I did today):
1. Laundry. I'm pretty sure this is always on my list.
2. Work at The Catfish House. This was a bit last minute, but they needed an extra person.
3. Pick up and prepare for our overnight guest, Miss Candace.
4. Think through a writing assignment I'm working on. I'm a thinker, so I have to really work through something in my head before I start typing.
5. Make sure Reed is fed, changed, and loved.
(The list asked for things on my list, not what should be on my list! There's about a few hundred other things I wish I would get to today, or should be doing. Tuesdays my list gets very long, because it's Mother's Day out)

**Five snacks that I love:
1. Sweet Tea.
2. Chips and Rotel dip. or Mexican cheese dip. or really good salsa.
3. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
4. Popcorn
5. Strawberries, or other really good fresh fruit

**Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Tithe
2. Pay my taxes...we were recently in correspondence with the IRS, which isn't fun at all. It all turned out okay, but still.
3. Secure the financial future of my family.
4. Adopt more babies!
5. Give. Who can really spend a billion dollars? And why would you want to hold onto it?

**Five bad habits I have:
1. I buy cards, sometimes write in them, and never mail them.
2. Think of great things to do for others, and never follow through.
3. Poor planning of my time. I consider this a habit, because it happens often.
4. Overeating, or mindless eating.
5. Getting distracted or off track. Jeff would probably also add being forgetful. I forget things he tells me, things I do, and especially how much things cost!

**Five places I've lived:
1. Batesville, MS
2. London (a few months)
3. Brandon, MS
4. Fort Worth, TX
5. Springfield, TN

**Five jobs I've had:
1. Teacher (8th grade,10th grade, 12th grade English)
2. Waitress
3. Business Manager for a retirement community
4. Writer of kid's curriculum for LifeWay
5. Mom, of course!
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