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Monday, April 21, 2008

Snakes ... Gross!

Reed is so helpful. He likes to bring these to his Mommy while she is getting ready in the morning. Today, he brought her make-up bag to her. He also likes to use her brush, so he isn't really into sharing it.

Reed ate his lunch outside. When I saw this picture, I asked Abbey, "Did he eat Breakfast or Lunch outside?" I wondered because he was still in his PJs. Apparently, it is common that Reed wears his PJs until after lunch.

Don't his eyes just melt you!

As usual on Mondays, Reed and Mommy headed for the park for a walk with Britton and Mrs. Tamara. Today, Reed was very talkative and so I am sure that he talked Britton's ears off. Britton probably understands babyese better than we do!

Reed was excited to see the ducks at the park.

I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with him in this picture, but clearly he is not exactly interested in whatever it is that he sees.

"Oh no, Mommy! What's that black thing there?"

"Oooh! Gross, a slimy snake!"

Actually, I think that I might have put words in Reed's mouth with that one. He doesn't seem as grossed out by snakes as I am!
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