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Monday, April 14, 2008

Baby Got Back

Okay, so I was going to do a spoof on the Sir Mix-A- Lot song, "Baby Got Back," but in my old age, I had completely forgotten just how not appropriate that song was. Reed has been moving all day. Well, I guess moving is a bit of an understatement, he RAN all day long!

Tonight, when I was trying to take pictures for the blog, the only pictures that I could get of Reed were of his backside.

Reed is discovering his hands can work independently of each other, and that means that he has to use his hands to do two things at once. Reed sort of has attention difficulties, hmmm, can you learn to be ADD? If so, Reed got it from us!

He was cracking us up today with trying to walk with only one shoe on.

This evening, he wanted to carry two books at one time.

After several steps, he would inevitably drop one book and then he would throw the other one. This was on the rare occasion that he didn't walk into something.

Reed was so happy tonight, he was talking a bunch. We skyped with Enna and he was having a lot of fun talking with her.

He has taken on the responsibility of putting things into the tub when he is not in it and taking them out when he is.

Tonight, when he was in the tub and had completely emptied it of his toys, and I was sufficiently tired of putting them back in, Reed decided that he would try picking the water up and throwing it out of the tub.

I am totally not lying, he would stick his hand in the water, make a fist like he was picking something up and throw a little bit of water out of the tub. He thought he was so smart. Suddenly, our decision to go with ceramic tile in the bathrooms has become a REALLY great idea!

Abbey went to her Beth Moore Bible study tonight while we stayed home.

We're all disappointed that it seems like Spring has gone in lieu of winter once again. Tonight we are supposed to have a temperature of 33 degrees. We are hoping that this won't freeze our shrubs, because the same thing happened last year and they were so ugly for the rest of the summer.

Reed did take time out to talk to Uncle Trae who had surgery on his kidney this morning.

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