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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Mama's Birthday and I Can Smile if I Want To!

The good ole Reed that we all know and love was back today! He was so happy! Check out the wetness on his clothes, that is from slobber, not from juice!

Today was Mommy's birthday and Reed had a special surprise for her. He picked out some flowers for her and he wrote in her card.

Then, it was time for Reed to go to Mother's Day Out and for Mommy to begin to her day of pampering.

Enna and Poppy sent Abbey money to get a manicure and pedicure. So, Abbey headed to get that taken care of first thing this morning.

She then headed to Target and just walked around, uninterrupted. It's funny the things you appreciate as you get older, eh?

After I got home from work, Reed, Abbey, and I played for a while until Miss Candace to came over to keep him while we went on a birthday date.

Abbey's present from me was makeup. She has been wearing cheap makeup since she quit working and I think she was ready for real makeup. So, I took her to the clinique counter and let the lady do her work and then we bought makeup!

Then, we went to eat at Red Lobster.

Then, we went to see "Baby Mama" at the new theater. The new theater in H-ville is SO nice and Baby Mama is HILARIOUS! I would say it's a MUST SEE!

We ended the evening by heading for dessert at Carraba's. Now it is WAY, WAY, WAY past our bedtimes and the alarm clock will be going off at 5:05 AM whether I am ready for it or not!
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