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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Next Billy Graham?

Our little theologian decided that he needed to be studying up on his Bible skills today while Mommy worked on her writing assignment. I am thinking we may have the next Billy Graham on our hands.

Reed seemed very interested in the pictures. I am sure that doesn't surprise anyone, because as you may assume, despite the fact that he is clearly above average intelligence, he is not reading just yet.

He decided that he needed to take the Bible Dictionary with him to MDO today since it is at a church. He thought he might prepare a sermon to preach to his classmates. He is torn between a couple of sermon topics, "Children Obey Your Parents Includes Not Throwing Your Food," or "'No' Is Not a Laughing Matter." The only problem is Reed is scared that it would be too hypocritical at this time in his life.

Mommy told Reed a joke today while he was in the swing. Reed didn't get it, can you tell?

Every aspiring theologian must take time to stop and smell the bubbles. Thankfully, Mommy remembered to buy scented bubbles so this made smelling the bubbles much easier.

Now, how about this for honoring your parents? Reed got a hold to the Swiffer today and worked on sweeping the floors.

"I'm a good helper, aren't I, Daddy?"

"I just swept that!!!"

"Woe! There sure is a lot to swiffer!"

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