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Saturday, April 05, 2008

All Eyes on Reed

Enjoy the pictures...there's a bit of commentary below them.

Reed has been in constant motion since arriving at Lola and Pop Rox's. And, all eyes have been following him! He's been lapping up all the extra attention and really showing off! For example, he demonstrated his excellent ability to catch a ball today! Don't worry; I captured it on video. However, you'll have to wait until Jeff gets home to see it. I have no idea how to post those. I've decided I need to take a mini lesson on Picasa and such from Jeff, so you blog readers out there don't suffer when I have the computer!

While Tricia over at has been learning to live with her new lungs, apparently I'm trying to get rid of one of mine, along with my voice! So, I'm sorry to say there won't be much (okay, any) commentary under each picture. I will tell you Reed has spent a good deal of his day opening and closing the back door. In one picture, you can see Mollie and Belle through the door, not too happy with the tease. And, we also celebrated my mom's birthday (yesterday) and my dad's (13th) with an awesome cake my sister made. We spent some of that celebration time at J.Alexander's tonight. When we got home, Reed decided to entertain us all. I promise everyone has been holding Reed, but I only have pictures of Reed by himself, for the most part.
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