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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Alone!

Abbey and Reed are at her grandmother's house tonight, because her grandmother is very, very sick. Abbey wanted to take Reed for one more visit. She is really week and not eating much, but she asked who the little boy was (she has alzheimer's) and Lola told her that Reed was her great-grandson. Abbey said she smiled and acted so surprised that she had a great-grandson. Ever personable, Reed wanted to play with Granny so he threw toys towards her bed.

Now, here are the things to do when you are home alone.

1. Recycle a picture from before because you don't have the camera.

2. Go to several CVS's and buy yet another glucose monitor, along with several bottle of body wash, face wash, and giftbags.

3. Go to Rite-Aid and buy $30.00 worth of random (but useful) items that you get a $31.00 cash rebate on (I had a coupon).

4. Mow and weed-eat the lawn.

5. Water the flowers.

6. Trim the hedges.

7. Eat supper.

8. Clean the bathrooms.

9. Clean the kitchen.

10. Vacuum the house.

11. Put away the clothes.

12. Struggle to blog something interesting.

13. Watch Top Chef.

14. Miss my family.

15. Go to sleep.
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