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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh, How We LOVE Saturday! (And Cannon Cameras!)

It's 6:15 on Saturday morning, do you know where your baby is? Not asleep if you are in our house! Reed woke up especially early this morning as a little Saturday morning gift for us. I got up, and brought Reed to the bonus room. He played for a few minutes, then I fed him breakfast in the Bonus Room so that he wouldn't wake up Abbey, and then he had his morning poo. He played a little more and by 7:45, he was yawning, ready for a nap.

I, sacrificially, laid down with him on the guest room bed, and we went to sleep.

Finally, at 9:50, Mommy woke us up. I am no exactly sure why or how she woke us up, but she was standing in the room and it scared me to death!

After we got up, again, Reed and I took a shower and got ready for the day. Then Mommy took her shower and got ready. Then, it was time to head to lunch. We decided to eat lunch at Subway before going to grocery shop.

By the time that we got home from the grocery store, Reed was sleepy. So, once again, I gave of myself and laid down with him. We had a good nap while Abbey put away the groceries, mopped the kitchen and dusted, and prepared supper.

When we woke up, Reed, Abbey, and I went on a walk around the 'hood.

After the walk, it was time to get supper ready. We invited Brandon, Tamara, and Britton over for Hawaiian chicken. While I warmed up the grill, Reed enjoyed swinging! Well, maybe enjoyed is an understatement.

Reed laughed like a hyena while he was swinging.

... And we enjoyed testing out the new settings on the camera! Woo-hoo, there is a "kids and pets" setting for those "need to be fast" shots!

Reed was so excited that his very best friend Britton was coming over for supper.

We hope the above picture of our boys behind bars is not an omen of things to come ...
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