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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hey Reed ... What's Up With Your Belly?

Reed loves this stool! His great uncle and aunt sent it to him for his birthday. It is supremely cute, the only thing is that he HATES it when the letters are in it. It's kind of funny, because I really like order, like puzzle pieces in the right place, pieces to a game in the right place, but Reed on the other hand, HATES ORDER!

Mommy thought it would be funny if she slipped Reed's ball into his shirt. Reed thought it was pretty funny, too!

He enjoyed walking around and trying to figure out how to get it out of his shirt.

He's looking more like me everyday!

Reed finally figured out how to get the ball out of his shirt and then he got to play with it.

Apparently, we are not giving Abbey enough attention, so she took some pictures of her rings today. I did a good job didn't I?

We love you Mommy (Abbey)!

Please be praying for Tricia! She's getting a new set of lungs as I type!

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