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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Can You Say Gymbucks?

Gymbucks started today and Abbey had $75.00 worth that have been burning a hole in her purse for the past month. Britton's mommy also had a roll of Gymbucks, so they got there really early. In fact, they got there before the store even opened. Luckily for the ladies, the man at Gymboree let them in early.

The boys were disinterested in the events and found napping in the stroller worked better for them.

I finally got to do something that I have attempted to do all week today! I mowed the yard. The other day, we were at Wal-Mart and found a great deal on a mower. It was last year's model, so it was half-off.

It was also "John Deere Green" so we figured it must be a good mower right? WRONG! I have to let you all know that just because it's green doesn't mean it runs like a Deere.

In fact, the lawn mower did not run at all! I couldn't get it cranked. Danny came over and looked at it last night and he couldn't get it cranked and he used to work at the Briggs and Stratton plant in Murray!

I took it back to Wally World and the lady said, "It's really not supposed to be returned." I said, "Well, you should have told me that it didn't run!" She agreed and gave me my money back.

I went back to the lawn mower section and decided that the employees looked too busy to help me, so I went to Lowe's.

I was trying to decide between the cheapest and the next to cheapest lawn mower at Lowe's when I happened to look over in the center of the aisle and saw a Troy Bilt Mower on clearance, brand new in the box. I quickly threw it in my buggy (well, I really single-handedly struggled to get it into my cart.) and checked out.

I got home to find Mommy and Reed taking a stroll in his car. They came home to watch me mow the yard. We were hoping that Reed would enjoy yard tools as much as he enjoys the vacuum. Boy, did he! He watched me mow the entire yard, of which I discovered is QUITE a bit larger than our old yard!

Tomorrow, we are going to work on the flowerbeds. I bought a load of flagstone to use as border and we also have picked out our bed flowers for this year. We're really hoping for a colorful summer!

I wish that I could say that Reed has been in rare form today being extra silly, but I think that is what we are going to be living with for the next 18 years. I have NO CLUE where he gets his silliness from, but let me tell you, he is so funny!

He makes it especially difficult to discipline him because he gets a little serious at first, and then he gives you this, "You know you want to laugh" grin and everything falls apart.

He gave us the face above in the restaurant tonight at supper where he was less than behaved! According to SuperNanny tonight, we are to let him scream. Just guess the chances of Abbey letting Reed scream in a crowded restaurant. Did you guess in the negatives? You are right!

Here's what Mommy scored at Gymboree for the little guy.
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