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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Laugh A Little

Our son is hilarious! He is so funny! Today, he decided that he would become Hurricane Reedo. If he were in his parents home state, he would probably resemble Tornader Reeder.

He laughed at Abbey a lot today. Apparently, Reed has decided that if you mimic him, he will completely fall apart laughing. Abbey learned this today and Reed laughed like crazy. Tonight after supper, Abbey had to go and get ready for church. Reed was in his high chair and I started mimicking him. You would have thought that I was the best comedian in the world by the way he was laughing. He probably laughed for 15 minutes straight.

I mowed the yard after work today, and that was a thrill a minute for mini-me. He wanted to wave and smile at me every time that I walked by. Then, all of a sudden, he decided that the sight of me pushing the lawn mower and sweating and walking around in apparent circles was just too much to handle. So, he cracked up!

Tonight Reed had fun in the nursery at church. He is getting so big, I think that they are going to have to start a new class for Reed and some of the other bigger kids, because there are also some tiny babies in the room.

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