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Friday, April 18, 2008

Asian Invasion Play Group

Reed had a very busy day! First, he had to get his hair brushed so that he would look good for all the cute little Asian girls he was planning to meet at Play group.

"Don't worry, Mama, you're the only girl in my life right now!"

Reed went to Asian Invasion play group this today at the Chapman's Barn. That's Steven Curtis Chapman's barn, which is shaped like a barn, but is really a gym. SCC's wife was there with a couple of their beautiful little girls and of course, Reed got many compliments of being a cutie.

Reed is in the minority at this play group, as most babies adopted from Asia are of the female persuasion. There was another little boy from one of the Korea's, but other than him, it's a big group of Chinese girls.

Reed was thrilled with the toy vacuum, of course, he prefers the loud noise of our vacuum.

Finally, a pet that I am okay with bringing into our home. Our little animal lover loved these large stuffed horsies.

Reed even got to drive a boat!

Now, for the excitement our family experienced this morning.

It was about 4:36ish when I was jolted awake by a shaking house and a low moaning noise. The pictures were shaking on the wall and our whole house was creaking and moving. I woke Abbey up, who said she was feeling the motion but was having trouble waking up. I asked her if she thought it was a tornado (I am VERY smart early in the morning, can't you tell?) and Abbey said, "I think it might be an earthquake." I ran upstairs to get Reed. and by then the movement had stopped. There was nothing on the news quite yet, so we stayed in bed. I woke up shortly thereafter and got ready for work. I ran upstairs to the family room and turned the TV on and saw that indeed there had been an earthquake that was felt all the way here in Tennessee. Apparently our town felt it more intensely than most of my coworkers, but it was really wild. Who'd of thought there would be an earthquake in middle Tennessee? Not me.
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