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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Day in the Life of Reed

This morning, we got up and showered and then ready for church. While we were waiting for Mommy to finish getting dressed, we came upstairs to play. It was hard to get a good front picture of Reed, but let me assure you, he was beyond cute this morning. He was wearing a cute blue/white striped polo that I bought at the consignment sale, some khakis, and his red cons!

We realized that he didn't have a belt this morning. We're going to have work on that!

We left church after Sunday School this morning because we found out that Nana Sprinkles Mama died. Granny was over 90 years old, but she was very funny and extremely smart! She always knew exactly how much money was in her purse down to the penny! So, please remember Nana and Putty Sprinkles this week, as this will be a hard loss for them.

In case you were wondering about a close-up side profile of Reed would look like, here you go!

In the above picture, Mommy had just told Reed a joke. He didn't get it!

Since we didn't get to eat the roast that Mommy had cooked for lunch, we decided to invite Mr. Danny and Mrs. Megan over for supper. Reed loves Mr. Danny.

Reed decided to show Mrs. Megan how to walk on the couch without falling. He always recommends holding on with one hand, unless of course, you want to just walk right off the couch, then you have to let go. Yes, he has no fear of heights.

Reed wanted Mrs. Megan to read him the camera manual.

This is Reed's "high fashion" pose. As Christian from Project Runway would say, "Fierce!"

Reed decided to just read the manual to himself.

When he was done with the manual, he decided to play with his fan toy that Aunt Ava gave him.

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