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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

An Ode to Red Sneakers - By Reed

I got some red sneakers from my friend, Aunt Bitsy.
They are bright and clean to keep me busy!

They help me walk around the room.
I like to run really fast; vroom, vroom.

My red sneakers help me to walk and play.
Like I did outside today.

My cool new duds help me to work on my car.
Wearing them makes me feel like a star.

This afternoon I had to work under my hood.
My red sneakers, oh, they felt so good.

My new shoes helped me find a good snack.
That's really good when hunger can suddenly attack!

I love my red shoes so very much.
I bet they would be fun to splash in the mud and such.

I wore them right up until I got in the tub.
When Daddy finally said, "Time to take them off, Bub."

Those red sneakers are so very neat.
They even helped me not get sweaty feet!

Those kicks to take off was a hard to do.
Can you believe I've written this all about a red shoe?

For my bath, I like to help get ready.
With toys, soap, and time with my Daddy.

Those red shoes helped me get quite a laugh.
When Daddy saw all the stuff I put in my bath.

"Oh no Daddy, where's all my stuff."
These red sneakers are neat, even when I'm in the buff.

These new red sneakers are special to me.
Because they were a gift from Aunt Bibbi.
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