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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A CVSly Good Day!

Okay, so I know that some of you out there are fans of Money Saving Mom, and so am I! Especially her ideas for saving money at CVS. Here's a rundown of what I bought today.

I went to CVS during lunch, and bought the following items.

1 Bottle of Excedrin ($4.24) - I had a $2.00 coupon and got $1.00 ECBs (Extra Credit Buck).
1 Box of Gas-X ($5.69) and 1 Bottle of Maalox ($6.29) and got $10.00 in ECBs.
3 Bottles of Dove Body Wash ($21.00) - I had $3.00 in coupons and was supposed to get $5.00 back in ECBs.
1 Can of Glade ($1.67) - $1.00 off coupon.

The Dove didn't ring up correctly. I paid with $17.00 in ECBs and then put 17.69 on my debit card, so I asked the clerk to return the Dove since the ECBs didn't work. He said that it was too complicated to take the coupons off, so he gave me the full price refund, so I got a $21.00 refund. So, I got a $3.00 credit to my account for the overage of what I paid originally and got $11.00 in ECBs.

I know that you are interested in pics of Reed, so keep reading for the next part of my shopping trip after this pic.

Reed and I went to Wal-Mart today when I got home from work to buy groceries. Abbey worked tonight.

Reed fell asleep on the way home from Wal-Mart, so I let him sleep until 6:00. After supper and playing in the backyard for a little while, I realized that Milk was not on the list and we had NONE, so what's a guy to do? Sounds like a trip to CVS was in order.

When Reed and I go to CVS, we patiently walk up every aisle looking for great deals. Reed also serves the part of CVS Hospitality attendant, by saying "Hey" to everyone and waving. I found a glucose monitor for $14.99 which had $14.99 in ECBS, and then I found 3 "Essence of Beauty" gift bags for ($1.49 each) with $5.00 in ECBs. So, I headed for the checkout and got the items listed for $9.00 after my ECBs from earlier. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there is a mail-in rebate for the full-cost of the glucose monitor.

Did you notice anything missing from my list? Milk, the reason why I went to CVS! So, Reed and I went back to get the milk and I perused the "tylenol" aisle, because I remembered that they had CVS Rapid Release pain reliever for $3.99 with $3.99 in ECBs. Guess what? They didn't have them "signed" correctly, so they had a good supply. I got 4 boxes (I already had bought 1 earlier in the month and there is a limit of 5). So, with 4 boxes of pain reliever and 1 gallon of milk, my total after ECBs from the previous purchase was $0.29.

So recap my out of pocket for today.

1st CVS purchase = -$3.00
2nd CVS purchase = $9.00
3rd CVS purchase = $0.29
Total = $6.29, then after the 14.99 mail-in rebate, I will get $8.70 in cash back! for everything I got!!!!

Now, for Reed's happenings today. Reed was a very happy and busy boy as usual. He did his job of destroying the bonus room in 5 seconds flat! He worked hard on Swiffering again.

He also enjoyed a walk in the park with Mommy and then he had fun playing in the backyard.

He also had a great time playing in the dirt. I never thought that the fenced backyard would come in so handy this quickly, but with Mr. Move-It around, it's great to be able to "corral" him.

Tomorrow, Reed is going to enjoying Asian Invasion Play group and then he is going to go to some playcenter that Abbey has been wanting to check out. I am riding into work with Mrs. Trudy so that we will only have one car downtown, then we are going to Uncle Bubba's and then we are going to eat at Famous Dave's. I have coupons for Cold Stone, so that is definitely dessert!


Someone asked about the Glucose Monitor's.

Last week, I bought the $14.99 Monitor with ECBs and a Rebate.

This week, I bought the $10.00 Monitor with ECBs and a Rebate!
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