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Friday, April 25, 2008

A New Favorite Place

It was a pretty slow day today at work. I was wanting to spend some time with my family, so I decided to take a half-day off.

After lunch, Reed, Abbey, and I went to the greenway to walk. Reed likes the bridge over the creek.

We went to a nearby town to eat supper and check out a new open-air shopping mall.

We decided to have supper at the new Red Robin. It was pretty good. We liked it because it was loud and should Reed decide to be loud (like he always does) it wouldn't bother anything. Guess what? Reed was very quiet at the restaurant, go figure!

After a quick trip to Gymboree, we walked past the new stores, then we came upon a fountain with a few children playing in it.

After a little arm twisting (NOT!), we were able to convince Reed to play in the fountain.

Reed had a blast. All of the other little ones would kind of walk away when the water would should up. Reed ran towards it and put his hands and his head in it.

It was such a beautiful day, and it was a great evening for Reed to play in the fountain.

Here's a shot, shortly after getting his face wet.

After he was sufficiently soaked, he began shivering a little. I took his shorts and shirt off, while Mommy headed back in to Gymboree to buy a shirt!

As soon as his clothes were off, Reed wanted to head back to the fountain.

I am pretty sure that Reed is going to make this one of his favorite hang-outs this summer.

There were a couple of girls who were taking some pictures at the fountain and pretty soon I realized that they were now taking pictures of Reed playing in the water.

As the sun started to go down, some lights came on. We didn't stay until dark, but I bet it is really pretty at night.

I am glad that Reed a water bug! We'll have a lot of fun at the pool this summer.

"This is the coolest thing ever!"

After the fountain we decided to go to Best Buy. Of course, we had to put some dry clothes on Reed first. It is tax-free weekend on school supplies and clothing, so Best Buy was covered up with people buying computers.

We were not in the market for a computer though. As you can tell from the pictures tonight, and from the incessant hints to grandparents that we NEEDED a new camera, we decided to take matters into our own hands and bought a new Canon Power Shot. I am excited about it! Hopefully, tomorrow you will see some really great pics!

Abbey and some of the other adoptive moms from Taiwan are participating in a secret pal swap. Abbey got her secret pal's gift yesterday. It is a cute bath set for Ava and some neat little washcloths. Her secret pal even included some little bath goodies for the Reedman. Thanks secret pal!
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