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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shake It!

When the music comes on, there is something that Reed cannot resist, and that is shaking his booty! He loves to dance. It doesn't matter if it is a theme song of a television show or if we are listening to one of the music channels, he hears that music and his head and his backside start shaking!

It has got to be one the cutest things ever!

Mommy went to a VBS meeting tonight, so Reed and I decided to stay home and water the flowers.

This was Reed's first experience with a water hose and he found it quite mesmerizing.

He didn't however, realize that he could move the water hose around. Therefore, there is one really well-watered salvia in our yard!

When he worked up his nerve to tough the water he was hooked. Of course, this was the moment that water started going everywhere but actually onto the flowers.

When I turned the water off, Reed kept looking into the water hose to see where it went. Now, if I were a mean Daddy, I can think of something that would be really funny to do the next time he starts looking in the water hose.

It is so amazing to see what a good walker Reed has become. He walks really well, but still has a little trouble walking through the grass. He falls a lot, but since it is in the grass, that's okay!

Reed loves his car. He loves to ride in it, but he really loves to push it.

Doesn't he look too big in this picture?

Our house, all ready for Spring!

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