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Monday, April 28, 2008

Mama Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

Last night, during Brothers and Sisters, I was playing around with the camera and took a few "self-portraits." Abbey was not into getting her picture made, so she kept covering her eyes. We'll have to make pictures tomorrow, because it is someone's birthday and she will be inching ever closer to the big 3-0! She still has a couple of years though!

I am thinking of listing the above picture of craigslist.

Found: Someone's chin. Located beneath mine. I'm not sure when I found it, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't there a few years ago. To claim, please contact Jeff Land.

Warning! The next few pictures may dash all of the ideas that you have about the star of our blog. Just fair warning, today was a day of few smiles.

We're pretty sure that his highness is getting some new teeth, because he was not really happy with anything today.

We gave him water, toys, and food and nothing seemed to calm him. He was just not satisfied and he was very clingy.

We went to visitation at the funeral home and Reed was very much into being held. He wanted to be passed from me to Abbey, and from Abbey to me. Every once in a while, he was able to be put down.

I know this is probably mean, but the above pictured made me laugh hysterically. This is the Reed that few of you EVER see. Yes, there are really low points in Reed's mood, however, that's about 1/5000th of the time. Most of the time, he really is the happy kid that you see on the blog all of the time.

I was able to catch a few pictures of the sweet little face that you all know and love.

With teething, seems to come an insatiable thirst!

One of the few smiles of the day.


Special Feature: Name Glossary

Many people have gotten confused about Who's Who on the blog, so I promised I would post some names and relationship to the Reedster.

"Blood" Relatives:

Poppy and Enna - Paternal Grandparents
Pop Rox and Lola - Maternal Grandparents
Uncle Trae; Uncle Bobby and Aunt Alyson - Paternal Uncles and Aunt
Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie - Maternal Aunt and Uncle
Papa - Paternal Great-Grandfather
Granny and Mimi - Maternal Great-Grandmothers
There are also a host of great aunts, uncles, and second cousins.

"Non Blood" Relatives

Nana and Putty Sprinkles - Affectionately referred to as our "old friends." They are DEAR, DEAR people who love us very much and have been part of our lives since we moved to Nashville.
Uncle Bubba/Bill - My friend from work, who often comes over to help with yardwork, to hang out, or eat at the Catfish House.
Aunt Bitsy - Another friend from work and fellow church member. She loves her some Reedo.
Kay Kay - Another friend from work, who also loves Reedo!
Bebbie - Another friend from work, who, you guessed it, loves Reedo!
Miss Candace and Miss Jennifer - Two of the BESTEST Babysitters in the world! Miss Candace comes over on evenings when we need a date or when I am out of town she spends the night with the fam. Miss Jennifer is a baby extraordinaire who helps with Reed and she is also going to be Reed's very own "Mother's Day Out" teacher this summer. Abbey is going to take him over and Miss Jennifer and Reed are going to have a blast!
There are COUNTLESS others, but these are the ones that we mention most.


Okay, I just have to add one more thing. I don't know why I am so interested in Jon and Kate, but I am. Anyway, in this episode, Kate is giving her interview and she stops and say, "I'm sorry, can you quit breathing so loudly?" She is SO critical to Jon. Now, I don't want to give the impression that Jon is a saint, because in the last episode, he was "watching" the kids, but he was really just programming his phone, but Jon does seem like a really great Dad most of the time.
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