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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Beautiful Day!

There's a little boy named Reed,
Who moves at alarming speed!

He wake up each day just ready to play.
And many, many words he does say!

He moves and talks and wiggles his feet.
Never a stranger does he ever meet.

He goes to play at his little school.
Currently his face is covered with drool.

He loves to get out all of his toys.
While he's doing this, he makes lots of noise!

Daddy loves to play with his little man,
And laughs about how he's amazed by the fan.

His laugh, his face, does a face he make smile.
I bet one day he's want a pet crocodile.

To his Mommy he so cuddly and kind,
If only we could get him to always mind!

Everyday it is a blessing to look into his eyes,
To get to him I'd fly a thousand skies.

My little boy, he's growing up so fast,
Thank goodness for pictures to help memories last.


In other news ... Mommy finished her writing assignment. Now, only 3 more units to go before June!
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