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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Flat Reed: Helping Daddy Make Popcorn

We had our Easter Egg hunt at SBC today and Flat Reed got to come along with us. After watching his mother paint faces for a while, Flat Reed wanted to come help me make popcorn.

Who could pass up popcorn made by cutest (and flattest) Reed ever? He really helped sell that stuff. Nevermind the fact that it was free.

"NEEDS MORE BUTTER!" Flat Reed liked the popcorn and he must take after me, because he thought the popcorn needed more butter. We had a blast!

When we came home from the Easter Egg Hunt, we had to send our official email that said we wanted to accept our referral of Reed. We thought it would be nice to let you all "reed" it.


We absolutely, without a doubt, undeniably accept the
referral of Yang Kai Cheng that Tien sent us on
Tuesday. We are overjoyed, overwhelmed, and overcome
with love for him. We are eternally grateful to the
birthmother and family. We are also thankful to
Journeys of the Heart because they have obviously
given us a great baby. So many people have already
commented that he looks like us, and we are full

Please immediately fed ex the forms we need to have
signed and notarized as well as an email which states
how much money we need to send and when.

Your prompt response is desired and appreciated.


Jeff and Abbey Land

Allison responded in a very quick email and here is a snippet of what she said:

"Are you sure??? HA! What a delightful email and what fun that it will
stay in your file forever! "
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