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Friday, March 16, 2007

Last Night

Sorry about the lack of blog last night. Abbey and I went to eat supper with our friends Jeff and Holly and the Sprinkles. We went to Cheddar's, where at times, we wondered if we were ever going to get our food. I must say, however, that the appetizers were wonderful. We had Spinach Dip and the Wright's ordered Onion Rings. They were really good.

Today, Abbey and I are going to Jackson, TN to see our friends Wes and Abbie from Texas. We're excited to go and spend the night with them. It will be fun.

I forgot to put this picture on the blog with the Walty posts. This is the view that made Walt so sad, the balloon going far, far away. Walt was not consoled when we told him the balloon was going to Taiwan to see Reed. Hmmm. Go figure.

Some have asked, "Did we get Walt another balloon?" Yes, we did, but he didn't like it! Finally after several minutes he warmed up to his new friend, Red Balloon II.
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