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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Too Many Clothes

I cleaned out our closet this morning while the carpet layers were downstairs working. I emptied the whole closet out and started organizing. As I did it, I came up with a great big pile of clothes that we don't wear anymore. The pile grew quite large as you can see in the picture above. I even got rid of at least 5 pairs of shoes! That's hard for me.

We will take the clothes to Dyersburg Mission where they give us an itemized list and good values for our clothes. If anyone out there is like me and detests the words "garage sale," this is the place for you! Now our guest closet is full of stuff that that needs to go to the mission.

Even after the purge of clothes, our closet is still completely full! What is the deal? Are my initials JFS? At least I hope that's what I think his initials are.

Now, I have to go vacuum the living room before Abbey gets home! The carpet looks really nice. A picture will come soon! By the way, we chose the carpet color that was "caramel."
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