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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to Lose a Balloon in 10 Seconds

"Don't want to!"

"You're going to lose it Walt, if you don't let me tie it on your wrist."

"Don't want to!"


And now ... the rest of the story.

"Ha ha! Putty! I am still holding on to it. See I haven't lost it."

"Look, I can trick the balloon. I can turn and it doesn't know where I go!"

"Whew! I'm glad I caught it! That's all need is for Putty to say, 'Told you so!' "

"Putty, I just let go for 1 second! Why's it going far, far away!"

"My life is over! Nothing will ever be the same! My red balloon! It was my favorite! Nothing will make it better!"

And that my friends ... is the rest of the story!
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