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Sunday, March 04, 2007

LandLife Weekend Happenings

This weekend has been quite busy around LandLife. It's been busy, but it has not been busy doing what we normally do, which is being anywhere but home. I am happy to report that we have spent nearly the entire weekend here at the house. Friday night is the exception. Abbey had to chaperone a dance at school, and I hung out with the Sprinkles. Towards the end of the evening, we went to Lowe's so that I could buy the blinds.

When I got home, I immediately began hanging them. I got all but the kitchen done on the first floor on Friday night. Then first thing after breakfast Sunday morning, I started with the kitchen and finished with our bedroom.

Abbey went to get a haircut while I finished the blinds.

Each summer that we have been in our home, I have loathed the front flower beds. Not because I didn't want to work in them, but because the daylilies had multiplied SO much that anything I planted was completely covered by daylilies by the end of the summer. Also, they are pretty only for a short time before they start looking for tall grass.

Finally resolving to do something about the front beds, I divided each of the daylily areas in half. So, hopefully, this year we will have HALF as many daylilies, and some more colorful flowers for the whole summer. Right now, the beds look terrible. I am ready for spring so I can plant and put some straw out.

Abbey was extremely diligent yesterday with her writing. She was so focused. She typed, typed, and typed some more. She's almost done. If her husband (yes, that would be me) would hurry up and proof them for her, she could turn them in. I'm really proud of the time and effort she is putting into this.

I was trying to stay out of Abbey's way yesterday, so after the flowerbeds were done, I decided to clean the garage. My parents bought me an organizer for Christmas and I had not yet put it to use. I scavenged around our garage for all the loose screws, nuts, bolts, and nails. After looking in the garage, I looked all around the house. Once everything was gathered, I sat in the garage and organized everything. Now, I know where to find the supplies that I need.

Today Abbey wrote, worked on her Bible Study. I took a nice long nap. We are now about to go to church for Small Groups.
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