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Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Gristy Weekend

We went to the Gristy's this weekend and got to spend some time with our very good friends. It was a lot of fun to get to be around them for a while.

Abbie enjoyed sitting in the dark this morning. It really wasn't all that dark, but for some reason this picture is really dark. Last night we had a very enjoyable evening. We went to a new eatery and had 5 "tapas." Then we looked around at the art gallery's in the rest of the renovated hotel. We purchased a new painting (pictures will come later) and a pottery cross.

Wes is always playing the guitar whenever he gets bored. This morning while he was waiting on Abbey to get ready he decided to pick a few tunes. After we left the restaurant last night, we went to another restaurant for desserts. We had the dessert platter which included Tiramisu, Chocolate Decadence, Apple Prailine Pie, and Chocolate Cheesecake. It was wonderful!

We headed to breakfast once everyone was ready.

We headed to Do Dah's Donuts. Notice the open sign. Although it was 10:00 AM and they were open, they did not have any donuts left! Apparently this is not out of the ordinary for this place. You would think that they would figure it out.

This is us leaving Do Dah's.

So, when you can't eat Donuts for breakfast where do you go? Chick-fil-a, of course.

The Abbey/ie's preparing to eat breakfast.

This is the place where Wes works. It's a church! His office is in the farmhouse, where all the other staff is located. It is a really neat place for an office. The building behind is the "barn" where they have a meeting area, several classrooms, and a breakroom. It is really neat.

This is going to be their classrooms and temporary sanctuary. They have been meeting in a local school for quite some time. It is very exciting. The church is going to really enjoy their new facilities and Wes and Abbie really love the church. That is wonderful.

Who would have thought that the Gristy's would love their dogs as much as they do? It's amazing!
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