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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Adventures of Flat Reed: New Dresser

We have had my mom's dresser (from when she was little) in our house since we have been married. I painted it white shortly before we moved into our first home (apartment). My SIL painted it with lots of whimsical designs. It has been really great in our houses in Brandon, Fort Worth, and Springfield. But, now that the dresser is going to become Reed's, we had to make it look a little different.

Flat Reed took a nap while Abbey worked on one of the drawers.

Here's an idea of what it looked like before we did the new thing.

"So, you took Mod Podge and chose put it on the front of the drawer. Then, you cut pieces of SCRAPBOOK paper and glued it to the dresser using the Mod Podge. And you did this all for me?"

"Wow! This new dresser is fun! I can climb in the drawers!"

I think that Flat Reed really got into (literally) the new dresser. It's not really done yet, because we still have to paint the white an off-white color that matches the baby bed we're getting from Target. Not from the Goodlettsville or Hendersonville Target, because they don't have it! Don't even ask!
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