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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Letter to My Boy

Dear Son,

As we near Easter I am reminded of how much our heavenly Father loved His Son, and though I have no clue what you will look like or even if you've been born, I love you dearly. As I think about what I dream for you, I quickly come to the most important dream and that is for you to accept Christ as your Savior. Just thinking about the day when I get to baptize you brings tears to my eyes.

We talk about you a million times a day. People are so excited about you. Your grandparents can't wait to meet you, the people at church can't wait to meet you, our friends are so excited about meeting you, even my coworkers are constantly asking about you.

My prayer for you tonight:

Heavenly Father,
Please watch over our little boy, Reed. Keep him safe and warm. Help him to feel our loving arms around him as only you can do. God, please let us know about him soon. Father we pray that you will give us a picture to hold, a face to see as we pray, a hand to trace with our finger, and eyes that we can stare into endlessly. Give us patience as you quietly work in this delicate situation. May Reed's life be honoring to You and help us to raise him to love and respect You.

I love you little Reed, good night.

love, dad
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