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Friday, March 30, 2007

New Blog Series: Adventures of Flat Reed

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley?

Well, we decided that since we didn't have an "actual" Reed here with us, we would make a Flat Reed and let him hang out with us until we get our little one.

Abbey didn't trust me to cut Flat Reed out.

That was probably a good idea since she did such a great job cutting him out. We put Reed's head and his actual hands on Flat Reed.

The first thing that Flat Reed wanted to do when he got dressed was to go out and ride in his new wagon. He had a blast out there. I think that the actual Reed is really going to like it.

Grandmothers' Land and Drake both had fun buying new clothes this week. This little onesie is one that I liked a lot, and those socks are too cool. Flat Reed thought the socks were great!

You know little ones won't keep their hats on, so he pulled it off as soon as we came in. He was just amazed at how nice his new house was.

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