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Thursday, March 01, 2007

From Our Handbell Weekend

I didn't know that we had pictures of this weekend's bell ringing, but a lady that I work with took some pictures and emailed them to me. I am actually in the photo above. If you can't see me, I cropped the photo down so that you can see me.

The look of concentration on my face is really ABSOLUTELY frustration! There are two songs that I can do fairly well, then there are two that make me consider never touching a bell again. Of course, next Sunday we are playing two of the songs. One I can play, the other, I "faux" play.

That means that I look like I am ringing, but I am really not.

Speaking of "faux," I am finally going to change out our blinds this weekend. We've had ugly ones in our windows since we moved in and have been meaning to put in the "faux" 2 inch ones, but never have. I plan on buying them tomorrow and start putting them up.

Of course, Abbey never has to play "faux." She can play 4 bells at one time and never miss a beat. She's good.
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