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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wright News

Jeff and Holly Wright are our good friends who we met while going to church in Joelton. Since then, we have kept up with each other and now it is easier to keep up with them since they live a few doors down. It's only temporary, but they are building a new house. This is them right before they are sharing some big news with Holly's mom.

Can you guess what the news is? Yes, Jeff and Holly are going to have a little one. Isn't that wonderful? Holly and Jeff are going to be great parents to this new one, as they are to Hannah and Ashlyn.

Abbey and I found out on Thursday of last week that they were expecting, so when they told us that they planned to tell Ms. Sheila tonight, we had to be there. We went to the basketball banquet for Jeff's team to watch the big news. It was wonderful. It was really exciting to see Ms. Sheila's reaction.

Now, we are hoping that the next "baby" post will be the announcement that we have finally gotten our referral. You can join us in praying that it will occur soon, but also pray for our patience.
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