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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our Time with Walt

I'm trying something new tonight with this blog thing. I have been trying to upload pictures of Walt for 2 days now, and it is still not working, so I have resorted to going back to picasa and direct linking them. Hopefully this will work!

When you ask Walt to smile for the camera, this is what we got! I was pretty sure that judging from the pictures on Walt's World that he knew how to "cheese."

Walt loved to dump his blocks out on the floor. Then I told him to put the bucket on his head. Keeping with his OCDness, from then on, he would dump the blocks and then put the bucket on his head.

"Here he comes to save the day! SUPER WALT!"

This is Walt "helping" Abbey put the blocks up before we went to supper. Supper at Backyard Burger is a different post altogether!

What in the world is going on is his mind? That is a really odd look, Walt! I think it is "I'm just trying to be cool. I can't make the girls think I am just all fun and games."

With a smile like that, no wonder Putty got him a really loud truck for him to play with!
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