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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Hate Moving!

We're getting the new carpet tomorrow upstairs, and so we had to do a little rearranging this afternoon after church. After we got everything done, Abbey was pooped.

You might have been wondering where we put all of the stuff! Well, we put everything in our bathrooms. Currently, we left our shower and my vanity uncovered so that we can get ready tomorrow. The other bathroom is completely full! We took our "humongous" new bed down and moved our old mattress to the floor of our bedroom, where we will be sleeping tonight.

Just in case you were wondering whether we really got the rooms emptied out, I decided to put some pictures out of the empty rooms. They are now empty and ready for the carpet guy. I hope that he will be here first thing in the morning. I am taking the day off to make sure that I can be here for things to get done. Once he gets the upstairs bedrooms done, he will do the stairs and then downstairs.
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