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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Flat Reed: Time to do Laundry

Flat Reed has had a busy day, he learned how to do laundry. He got to help his mom and he had a lot of fun.

"Mommy, everything in here looks dry and smells good. What do we use to wash clothes with?"

"Look at me! Look at me! I'm in the washer. Boy this is fun. Too bad I am made of paper and if I get wet I will get all soggy. I bet it would be fun to stay in here when it's on."

"Is all this for me?" Flat Reed was really impressed with the amount of stuff his Cookie (my mom) and Lola (mil) have already bought for him. He just wishes his grandfathers would hurry up and choose a name for themselves. Abbey got the stuff ready to wash today, since it will be time to send a care package to Reed soon. Don't worry, we're not washing it in Gain, we bought Dreft for his stuff.

"You're the best mommy ever. You put this stuff in the washer betterest than anybody I've ever seen do it!" (not to metion this is the only time he's ever seen someone put the laundry in the washer.

"Don't you worry! I'll stay right here and gaurd my stuff until it is ready to come out! I want to be a good helper."

Coming tomorrow: Flat Reed: Where's the Water Coming From (the story of our new leak) and Flat Reed: Breakables!
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