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Thursday, July 31, 2008

We're Home ... Let the Detox Begin!

Reed kissed Lola goodbye this morning around 11:00.

Reed got home and was a little perplexed. It seems that there was only Mommy and Daddy to watch him play!

Oh, by the way, did I remember to mention that Reed slept from Memphis all the way to about 7 miles from our home?1?!?!

"Whoa! Daddy, the grass is so tall. You better mow the yard!"

Mommy and Mrs. Megan went to stamping tonight, so we went over to Mr. Danny's for a little while.

Reed had fun playing in their backyard.

But, he began to get sleepy and he needed a clean diaper. So, we had to come home.

Knowing that I faced an uphill battle with Reed and his bedtime routine that has been completely upset for the past week, I decided to seize the opportunity to get him back on schedule.

At 8:00, he got in the bath. At 8:15 he was out and in his diaper.

I rocked him until 8:30 and put him down. He was asleep, but immediately began crying.

I went downstairs and started a load of laundry and then cleaned our bathroom.

By the time I was done cleaning our bathroom, he was snoring. Literally. I went to check on him!

I cleaned the other two bathrooms and then the kitchen so that we wouldn't have to do that in the morning. Now all I have to do is vacuum and Abbey is going to get to dust! Woo-hoo!


And now for today's edition of 7 days of Abbey.

5. Her Randomness. Seriously, Abbey is about the most random thinker I have ever met. In college, the word "random" was used rather frequently, however, I don't think Abbey ever got over it. Recently, I have decided to try to figure out Abbey's line of thought. So, whenever she hits me with a statement from way out in left-field somewhere, I ask her how she got there. Generally, she is able to explain how thinking about one thing, will lead her to the next thing, and then finally to the actual statement she made. Life with Abbey is very interesting, because you really don't know what you're going to hear or do! For someone who's ADD, that's a really cool person to be married too!
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