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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun with Reed

Reed had a great night's sleep last night, so he woke up ready to play this morning. First, he played with his push toy.

Then he decided that the ottoman would make a great drum. For some reason, the drum doesn't work for Reed. He would prefer to bang on anything but it. Notice how he is holding the drumsticks, one right and the other one wrong.

I used to play "rhythm sticks" during music time at preschool and Sunday School. Do they even still have rhythm sticks? I used to like those sandpaper things that you rub together too.

Abbey had to work this evening, so Reed and I had the evening to hang out. While I pulled weeds and dead flowers, Reed played in the sand.

Reed loves to play in the sand, but we are not real fans of the sand box. To me, a sand box equals mosquitos and to Abbey she thinks of confused kitties (thinking they've found the worlds largest litter box).

So, for now, Reed's only hope to play in the sand is a trip to the beach from some avid blog reader (hint hint, any takers?) or the box of sand that we have.

He likes to throw the sand.

Abbey's cousin Jason, wife Leslie, and daughter Ella are coming tomorrow, so Reed thought we needed to mow the yard.

Getting him to take the mower to the yard can be a bit difficult, however.

After pulling the weeds, Reed and I went for a walk.

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